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Unleashing the Leader Within

In the vast landscape of human potential lies a dormant force waiting to be awakened – the leader within each of us. It's not a title bestowed upon the select few but an innate capacity residing in every individual. It's about recognizing that leadership isn't just about guiding others; it's about mastering self-responsibility and inspiring others to do the same. Awakening the Leader Within The journey to leadership begins with a profound inner awakening – a realization that there is untapped potential within us waiting to be unleashed. It's about understanding that leadership is not defined by external factors but by the fire burning within, the passion that ignites our actions and drives us forward. Every individual possesses unique talents, perspectives, and experiences that shape their leadership style. It's about embracing these qualities and harnessing them to make a positive impact on the world around us. Whether you're leading a team, a community, or
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Unlocking the Leader Within: Embracing Responsibility and Purpose

In a world that often equates leadership with titles, positions, and authority, it’s easy to overlook the true essence of what it means to lead. Leadership is not merely about occupying a role or wielding power; it’s about embracing the discipline of self-responsibility and making choices that align with your values and purpose in life. As leaders, whether in the workplace, community, or within our families, it’s imperative to understand that true leadership begins with self-awareness and self-responsibility. It’s about taking ownership of our decisions and actions, regardless of our position or title. The Bible is filled with examples of ordinary men and women who embraced their responsibility and stepped into leadership roles that were far beyond their initial expectations. Take Moses, for instance. When God called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses initially hesitated, feeling inadequate for the task. Yet, with God’s guidance and empowerment, he led the Israelites to fre

Focus Is A Lifestyle

Beloved!  I want you to know that becoming the leader you were created to be will not be difficult as long as you are ready to obey God's principle.  The first step of becoming the Leader God created you to become lies in you understanding "what you want to do with your life." The understanding of what you need to do with your life can only be received through God's word and the passion God's word creates in you.  Based on what you have studied in God's Word, whose pain do you feel the most and what do you think the Lord wants you to do about them?  You are the solution to the faults that gets your attention. You are the answers to the questions that bothers your heart.  I want to ask you again; what do you really want to do with your life? How do you intend to make every 24 hours of each day count in the place of impact?  Above all, your first responsibility as a leader is in you leading your self through the leadership of the Holy Sp

Strength of Leadership

Every body is a leader and every leader needs a leader.  PRIORITY  You can never become the leader God has created you to be as long as your priority is wrong. What determines the right and wrong of your priority lies in what God has called you to do.  Your priority must be dictated by the nature of your calling. Every leader are people or individual that responded to the calling upon their lives.  Your priority is the reflection of your calling. Your calling is the reflection of God's expectation for your life.   It's a must for you to know what God has called you to do.  It must not be in the four wall corner of the Church. There is some thing God is calling you to do. You can know it through what you understand any time you Study  your bible.    Your priority must be dictated by the knowledge, understanding and wisdom within your calling.  Leadership is about executing the call of God upon your life. Don't let the social media or environm

Conflict Management

The greatest strength of any leader is the ability to resolve conflicts without loosing the trust of those God has committed into your hand. To become the leader God has ordained for your must cultivate the attitude of listening to the struggles, pains and challenges of the people God has committed into your hand. You must listen...not with the intention to find fault or judge or compete....but with the aim of being solution oriented. Be compassionate and firm in all you resolving conflict....listen to know what the challenge is coming from, and seek to know how to fix or repair what has been damaged due to the conflict on ground. Be solution oriented!!! You are a leader!!!! #Prince_Victor_Matthew #Hope_Expression_ Family

New Dimension of Leadership

Every body is a leader and every leader needs a leader. Just as you must keep learning from others and others keep learning from you. You don't need followers to become a leader. You need to be self responsible to become a leader. Leadership begins with you being successful in to rise into Greatness. Leadership is the ability to cultivate a heart of humility in accepting to be led by the Holy Spirit through God's Word. If you dislike taking instructions from the Holy spirit and those ahead of you, you will only end up frustrated. In other to lead well, you must accept to be led accurately. Leadership is the ability to recognize and take active and responsible decision for your personal growth and dream or direction in life. Leadership is internal and external in nature. The internal is your ability to lead your self and the external is the ability to influence others through the way you lead your self. Leadership is the system of influence. Just as other are influencing you con


Dear leaders, I have always advocate that there is a leader trapped in every human. I want you to shift into a better dimension of God's plan for your leadership skill. Being a leader is every thing you will keep doing in your daily activity. A leader is ANYONE who can envision a possibility, commit to it, influence him or her self, and others to create the possibility envisioned. It's not a place for show-off but a place show how it's done. Your leadership capacity will be crippled without a defined vision that is progressive in nature. A vision that is solution oriented.  Every body has the leadership ability yet each leader is unique in nature. The difference between my leadership skills and your leadership skills are the kind of problems I am interested in solving. In other words, leadership is being solution oriented in the area of your passion and interest. Not just that, it is you influencing like-mind to willfully join you in getting the task done. Leadership is se